Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Bar

Chocolate like no other—in taste and social impact. This shocolate is made with Ecuador’s prized national cacao bean, Fino de Aroma, celebrating its flavour and farmers. And each bar gives education impacts to schools in Ecuador, a full circle of doing good. Bean to bar and back. Treat yourself, and make the world a little brighter at the same time. What’s the story of Chocolate from bean to bar? • Provide a fair wage? Check. • Support sustainable cacao farms? Check. • Celebrate Ecuador’s cacao ancestry? Check. • Give proceeds back to communities in Ecuador? Check. The boxes are ticked and the chocolate is ready; this is a bean-to-bar process with impact in every step. Features: • 45% cacao • Gives education in Ecuador • Empowers Ecuadorian cacao farmers • Made with Ecuadorian Fino de Aroma beans • Sustainably grown


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